March 22, 2023

After 12th How to Become Physical Training Instructor

  • Ravi Mishra (  professional physical trainer  )
Also called fitness instructors, they work with people of all ages and skill levels developing exercise programs to enhance general fitness or improve performance in a specific sport. Fitness instructors work in a variety of environments, including gyms, sports and health clubs, schools and colleges, clinics and hospitals.

take Admission in B.P.E ( Bleacher of Physical education)  and after that do B.P.ed.
 After Doing  PTI Course you can join Private & Government schools, stadiums, running own sport academy and If you can win three year university in one game with your Education then you can also Apply in NIS Patiyala and Yiu will become Master of Couch.
 Physicaltraining instructors lead, instruct, and motivate individuals or groups in exercise activities .
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