March 28, 2023

Bachendri Pal : first Indian Uttarakhand (Uttarkashi) woman climbed Mount Everest

The conflicting story of the first Indian Uttarakhand (Uttarkashi) woman Bachendri Pal, who climbed Mount Everest. .
Uttarakhand Uttarkashi’s Bachendri Pal is the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world.
Bachendri Pal, is the world’s fifth female climber to touch the height of Mount Everest. She did this feat on May 23, 1984 at 1 pm and 7 minutes.
As a member of the Indian expedition team, shortly after Arohan on Mount Everest, She successfully led the campaign of a team of women who climb the summit.
Likewise, in year 1994, Bachendri led a 2,500 km long boat campaign with women from Haridwar to Calcutta in the Ganga river.
In the Himalayan corridor, about 4,000 km long expiration of the Karakoram mountain range through Bhutan, Nepal, Leh and Siachen Glacier was also the ‘First Lady Campaign’ in this inhospitable area.
Early life
Bachendri Pal was born on 24th May, 1954 in the hills of Uttarkashi in the present Uttarakhand (then-Uttar Pradesh) state.
Bachendri Pal, born in a rural family of Uttarakhand state, after completion of graduation, got B.Ed. Received training.
Instead of being a teacher in the school, She had to face a strong opposition from family and relatives when he took up the profession of a professional mountaineer.
Despite being meritorious and talented, they did not get any good jobs. What got was also temporary, junior level and the salary was also very low.
This made him quite frustrated and instead of having a temporary job, She applied for a course of ‘Nehru Institute of Mountaineering’. From here, his life has got a new direction. During the advance camp in 1982, he completed the Gangotri (6,672 meter height) and Rudugaara (5,819 meters high).
In this camp, Brigadier Gyan Singh gave Bachendri the first job as Instructor.
First hour of mountaineering
For the Bachendri, the first time of mountaineering came at the age of 12, when he climbed 400 meters with his schoolmates.
This climb did not have any planned way. In fact, they went to the school picnic and at the same time climbed to the mountain and reaching the summit, it became evening.
When the idea of return came, it was known that it is not possible to get down. Of course, they did not have complete arrangements to stay overnight. Without food and tent, they spent the night under the open sky.
Everest campaign
India’s fourth Everest campaign started in 1984. So far only 4 women in the world have managed to climb Everest.
The team which was formed in this campaign included 7 women and 11 men along with Bachendri.
The team wandered the flag of India on ‘Sagarmatha’ (Everest) at an altitude of 29,028 feet (8,848 meters) on 1st May, 1984, on 1st May, 1984.
Along with this, she became the fifth woman in the world to successfully win Everest.
Their contribution to the field of mountaineering
Bachendri Pal joined India along with male climbers in the Everest mountaineering campaign of 1984 and successfully reached the highest peak of Mount Everest on the world, waving the national flag of India and conquered Everest.
Their success encouraged other women of India to participate in such adventure as mountaineering.
This is India’s first woman Everest winner and also a source of inspiration for women and mountaineers of India and abroad.
Bachendri Pal is currently working in the ‘Tata Steel’ steel company, where it is working to train selected people with mountaineering and other exciting campaigns.
Awards and honors
Gold medal was awarded in 1984 for excellence in mountaineering by Indian Mountaineering Foundation
The then central government honored him with the prestigious Padma Shri in 1984 itself.
SHe was awarded Gold Medal in the year 1985 by the Department of Education of Uttar Pradesh Government.
Government of India honored him with his prestigious sports award ‘Arjuna Award’ in 1986.
He was also awarded the Kolkata Lady’s Study Group Award in 1986.
They were also listed in Guinness World Records in the year 1990.
They were awarded ‘National Adventure Award’ by the Government of India in the year 1994.
In the year 1995, the Uttar Pradesh Government was honored with the ‘Jai Bhava’ Award for his outstanding work.
He was awarded the Honorary degree of P-HD by Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna University, Garhwal in 1997.
The Ministry of Culture of Madhya Pradesh honored him with the first ‘Veerangana Lakshmibai’ national award in the year 2013-14.