March 25, 2023

Cooperation of Singapore and Panama to be taken in agriculture and food processing, skill development, integrated township development along with various other sectors in Uttarakhand


Indian Ambassador to Panama Mr. Ravi Thapar and Indian High Commissioner in Singapore Mr. Javed Ashraf, meets Chief Minister Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat

  • Discussion held regarding investment and technical cooperation in different areas from Singapore and Panama for the development of Uttarakhand

Indian Ambassador to Panama Mr. Ravi Thapar and Indian High Commissioner in Singapore Mr. Javed Ashraf, met the Chief Minister Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat. In the meeting held at CM residence, Dehradun, on Wednesday, discussions were held regarding strengthening the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s initiative to increase participation in trade and investment in all the countries of the world by the states of India.
Indian High Commissioner in Singapore Mr. Javed Ashraf informed the Chief Minister that Singapore has got specialization in urban planning, rain water harvesting, water recycling, solid waste management, skill development, electricity generation from waste, setting up industrial parks and field of food processing. Singapore can give technical assistance and investment related support to Uttarakhand in these areas. Chief Minister said that the State Government is seriously working on developing new tourist sites and townships in the state under the ‘13 District 13 New Destination Plan’. He said that support of Singapore can be taken for developing new tourist sites and townships and planning for existing cities.
Indian Ambassador to Panama Mr. Ravi Thapar informed that that good work is being done in the field of tea plantation in Panama. With the Uttarakhand Tea Board, Panama can give technical and expertise assistance to promote tea gardening in this state. Chief Minister said that experience in different areas can be shared by experts from different areas of Singapore and Panama and the Chief Secretary and top administrative officers of Uttarakhand via video conferencing.
Chief Minister said that there is immense potential in the field of organic farming in the state. At the same time, special focus is being laid on the strengthening digital connectivity, civil aviation and all-weather road in the state. He said that friendly systems are being developed for the investors in the state, while adding that single window system has been implemented. He also said that considering the geographical location of the state, IT network is being strengthened. Special emphasis is on skill development of the youth. The law and order situation in the state is better.
Chief Minister said that efforts will be made to provide benefit of the best practices in the field of agriculture in Singapore and Panama to the farmers of Uttarakhand. He said that for the investment in different areas with Singapore and Panama, to share the experiences, for technical assistance and to maintain continuous dialogue with experts, nodal officers be appointed in every department. Chief Minister said that technical and expertise assistance would be taken from Singapore and Panama in setting up Integrated Township Development and IT Park and Skilled Development Center in the state.
The meeting was attended by Secretary Amit Negi, R. Meenakshi Sundram and Radhika Jha.