March 25, 2023

PM Modi led International Yoga Day celebrations in Doon

  • Dehradun

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, in the presence of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi yoga practice was done at Forest Research Institute (FRI) ground, here today. Uttarakhand Governor Dr. K.K. Paul, Chief Minister Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat, Union Minister of State for Ayush Sripad Yesso Naik, Uttarakhand Ayush Minister Dr. Harak Singh Rawat, cabinet ministers, MPs, MLAs, saints and other dignitaries also participated in the yoga practice on the occasion.

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi conveyed his greetings from the FRI ground to yoga lovers all over the world on the occasion of Fourth International Yoga Day. Prime Minister said that it is a matter of luck that we all are gathered on the occasion of Yoga Day in the land of Goddess mother Ganga, where ‘Char Dhams’ are situated, where Adi Shankarachayra came, where Swami Vivkenanda came several times.  He said that Uttarakhand has been the nerve centre of yoga since many decades as its tall mountains motivates for yoga and ayurveda. He further said that even a common man when he visits the place gets a divine feeling as this pious land has wonder spirit, flutter and attraction.
“It’s a proud moment for everyone that today, all over the world; people are welcoming the brightness and warmth of the sun with Yoga. From Dehradun to Dublin, from Shanghai to Chicago, and from Jakarta to Johannesburg, yoga is now spread everywhere”, Prime Minister said.
He further said that whether it was tall Himalayas or sun baked deserts, yoga enriches life. Yoga is also acting as a bridge between societies and countries to unite.
Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi said that when the resolution on yoga was presented before the United Nations, it was the first resolution which was co-sponsored by a large number of countries. It was the first resolution in the history of United Nations which was passed in minimum time. Now, every citizen of the world and every country has adopted yoga as its’ own. It was a big message for the people of India that we are part of the great heritage and we have preserved it.

He said that yoga has proved that India with the power of yoga has again united the world. “ Yoga has shown the path of wellness and it was the reason that the acceptance of Yoga has amongst the people of the world has rapidly increased,” he said.
He appealed to those who are associated with yoga to do it regularly and those who are not yet adopted yoga should give it a try. “ The spread of Yoga has brought world closer to India and India closer to the world,” he added.
He hoped that the place which yoga enjoys in the world with the continuous efforts of all, will further strengthen with time. “ It is our responsibility to make understanding of yoga more developed for healthy and prosperous humanity,” he said. The Prime Minister also thanked the Uttarakhand government for making a working plan for yoga.
Uttarakhand Chief Minister Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat said that it was a matter of pride for all of us that Uttarakhand has been chosen to host the Fourth International Yoga Day. It was matter of pride for Uttarakhand residents that they got an opportunity to do Yoga along with the Prime Minister. He said that Prime Minister has a special attraction for Uttarakhand.
The Chief Minister said that it was the efforts of Prime Minister to take yoga to people that a resolution in the United Nations general assembly was passed to celebrate June 21 as International Yoga Day. Prime Minister called upon the world that there is need to join yoga at a time when there is talk of holistic health care, climate change, connecting with nature and back to basics. Yoga is our priceless heritage. Yoga is conciliation between humans and nature and gives concentration of heart, body, ideas, restrain and achievements.  Yoga is a holistic view of health and welfare. Yoga is not only physical exercise but a medium to be one with nature.  This could bring changes in our life style and create awareness to fight climate change. All the countries are united on this resolution of Prime Minister.
Chief Minister Mr Trivendra Singh Rawat said that when Prime Minister have this message of worlds’ welfare, 193 countries adopted it in record time. As a result, Uttarakhand has got a chance to host the fourth International Yoga Day. He said that Prime Minister through yoga has connected the entire world with India with the spirit of human welfare in its’ background. Yoga is taking the world towards wellness and happiness. The Chief Minister said some economists were talking about Gross Happiness Index along with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and that can also be attained by yoga. He said that Uttarakhand was created by Atalji and Modiji is trying to improve it. When there was sense of insecurity at Kedarnath, Prime Minister came twice to allay the fears. The state has got a gift of all-weather road so that pilgrims can travel to ‘Char Dham’ round the year.  The reconstruction work is being done at Kedarnath under the guidance of Prime Minister. Rail and road network is rapidly spreading in Devbhoomi. He also presented rose oil manufactured in Uttarakhand to the Prime Minister on the occasion.