March 25, 2023

Snow Storm 2018 : Get Ready for Winter Motor Cycling


Winter Motor Cycling ! Winter Survival Skills
Riding on high mountain roads in winter when they are covered in snow or hard ice is either for the foolhardy adventurer or the skilled traveler. Most are better off watching it on TV. Motorcycling in Zero traction conditions is not every rider’s cup of tea. Though the only usual deterrents are lack of exposure to such conditions and the skills to handle them.
Snowstorm 2018 brings you both and that too amidst the most photogenic and scenic Himalayas that you can have access to in the middle of winters. And not just that, we do it in proper military academy style. These extreme winter conditions are not for the softies and more than being physically fit, one needs to be mentally very strong to bear with the harsh conditions.
During Snowstorm 2018 riders will have real-time real-world riding experience in snow and ice, academic sessions to learn techniques of handling your machines, get up close with extreme winter survival skills, be trained to read the weather and learn about how your machine changes due to the extreme cold. At the end of it, instead of shying away from the cold, you’ll warmly embrace it..