April 1, 2023

12th March : Happy Birthday, Unknown Facts about Shreya Ghoshal

25 Interesting & Unknown Facts about Melody Queen Shreya Ghoshal!
>The singer, who made her bollywood singing debut with Shahrukh Khan starrer, Devdas, as the voice of Paro in Devdas, has won the hearts of millions of fans in India and abroad with her superb singing abilities.
>She is the only singer to get 4 national awards at 26 years of age,Numerous laurels have followed her after that.
she has bagged three State Film Awards, five Filmfare Awards and seven Filmfare Awards South and numerous trophies and awards at other award functions too.
>She had enrolled in Atomic Energy Junior College with Science before her musical fate approached. She was always very bright in studies and later completed her education from SIES College in Sion, Mumbai.
>Her first TV performance was on a programme called “Awaz Nayi Andaz Wohi” in EL TV, which was her first experience in studio recording. Though she rose to fame after Sa Re Ga Ma, from where she got her ticket to Bollywood!
>26th June is considered Shreya Ghoshal Day now as The Governor of Ohi, United States, Mr. Ted Strickland had declared this day in the honor of Shreya. The very first celebration of the day was on 2010. It was a great privilege for anyone of her age.
>She was taught by the Kalyanji Bhai at a later stage, but before that when she was only 4, she had started learning to sing Bengali songs from her mother. Her first stage performance was at the club’s annual function. At the age of 6, she started getting formal training in Hindustani Classical Music.
>Once a contestant in the TV reality show ‘Voice of India – Chhote Ustad’ she later became a judge of this reality show.
>The blink theory is a theory which says we judge the right answer within a first few seconds or within “a blink of an eye”. Shreya seems to have made all the right decisions with this theory.
>Shreya caught the attention of Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s mother when she participated in the SaReGaMa show. Bhansali’s mother was watching the show and during Shreya’s performance, she called Sanjay to watch the performance of the girl. After watching Shreya’s performance, Bhansali made up his mind that he would select the girl for his next project.  According to him, Shreya’s voice had the innocence needed for the character of Paro in Devdas.
>she has recorded songs not only in Hindi but also in Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi and Nepali.
>Ghoshal always loves to use her unique words and her fans have made a different dictionary with her unique words, for example: Biskoot, Kanphused, Zleep, Cuppa, Fraaandship, Bodyguardness, Wonly, Fasssht, Khepchurious, Goaaah, Naiice, Howlarious, Twired, Kaapi, Earthians, Phillum, Ispesal, Angelo.
>Shreya never performs on 31st December because most of the people enjoy drinking during new year’s celebrations and she doesn’t enjoy doing such performances.
>Shreya has performed in the closing ceremony of Commonwealth Games 2006, Melbourne.
>Shreya doesn’t like shopping while she is working.
>Shreya’s first non-film album was ‘Tera Mera Pyar’ in 2004 in which she has sung four songs.
>Dark chocolate is Shreya’s favourite type of chocolate.
>Shreya doesn’t like sweets but she loves Rasmalai, Kheer Kadam & Mango Barfi.
>The song ‘Urju Urju Durkut’ reminds Shreya of her childhood days.
>Shreya’s favourite toy in childhood was her ‘Keyboard’
>Shreya’s favourite flowers are lillies.
>Shreya has sung for HIV awareness, a song titled ‘Haath Se Haath Mila’ which was a duet with Sonu Nigam in January 2006.
>Shreya has sung for children’s rights, a song called ‘Mera Bhi Toh Adhikaar Hai’ with other singers.
>Shreya has sung against rape after the Nirbhaya Case, a song titled ‘Paava Njaan Kali Paava Njaan’.
>Shreya has sung for International Women’s Day last year, a song called ‘Naa Hum Jo Kah De’, which was a duet with Udit Narayan.
>Shreya has sung the 2015 National Games Anthem with other well-known singers
Our Team wishing the Gorgeous beautiful & Melodies Singer Shreya Ghoshal a very Happy Birthday with Lovely love life,good health & Rocking successful Chartbuster Songs filled year ahead.