March 25, 2023


  • Uttarkahsi : INDIA 121

If you ever visiting Uttarkashi,don’t forget to visit a place named Harshil. It is the place where once you visited,you will forget about Switzerland.

Have you ever seen the beauty of “India’s mini Switzerland” which is “Harshil” ,where beauty of nature are scattered everywhere.

Photos Credit : ( Tikal Soni , “Where Eagles Dare” ) INDIA 121

Harshil are covered by flowers, the dense forest of pine,the glaciated peaks,the glaciers on the mountains and with all these beauty,a peaceful floating Ganga Bhagirathi.
Harshil is located on the Gangotri’s Highway at an altitude 7,860 feet,73 KM away from Uttarkashi.
About 25 kilometers east of Gangotradham, there is a military cantonment. Located on the banks of Ganga Bhagirathi, in the small terrain of Harshil, there is abundance of river basins, water bodies.
Here Ganga Bhagirathi flows in very calm velocity. The cold shade of the fir trees of the pine trees attracts every passenger going to Gangotri.
Here Frederick Wilson, an employee of the East India Company, was so scared on the beauty of Harshil that it remained here.
Photo By : Tilak Soni

He made a beautiful bungalow here, which is known for decades as Wilson House. Recently it was burn due to the fire. At that place,forest department has made a guest house.
Wilson’s creation “Harshil’s apple” has a unique identity. Harshil is full of river basins and water bodies.

  • Photos Credit : ( Tikal Soni , “Where Eagles Dare” ) INDIA 121
  • Edited BY : ( Kanika Goutam ) INDIA 121