April 1, 2023

Wind-Chill Factor

Wind-Chill Factor
(Extracts from our upcoming Adventure Book “The science of Winter Motorcycling” )

  • Tilak Soni

Wind-Chill is the combined cooling effect of Air, temperature and wind on a heated body, rather than temperature as shown by the thermometer. this means that it is a lot colder when the wind is blowing than what the thermometer shows. the effective temperature is lowered in the presence of heat robbing wind. the higher the speed of the wind, the greater is the temperature drop…
Wind chill means the chilling effect of flowing wind as it carried away your body heat through convection.
So the remedy is to cut down this exposure to moving air and which is where dressing in layers and those wind proofs comes in. Dressing in layers has two major advantages.

1. that you selectively add or subtract layers to attain the right degree of personal comfort

2) the layers trap still air between them and thus form a good insulating layer between your body and cold air outside
Covering the neck and head properly alone can help you conserve almost 40-45% of your bodies heat loss. ALCOHOL is a vasco-dialator. that feeling of warmth it gives comes from your body loosing heat fast. so dont drink not just to avoid loss of coordination but also to avoid accelerated heat loss from the body…